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These are the grounds of Redirection.

The Alatus Institute of Higher Academics is a school established by the very prominent Alatus family, a family from which many of the world's finest mages and warriors originated. Founded as an exclusive military academy 200 years ago, it is now open to all students who hope to hone their own mental, physical, emotional and spiritual strengths through the classic traditions offered by the Institute. Noted for being a first-class school in the areas of weapons, magic, summoning, and technology, its students are virtually unrivaled.
Originally the Alatus Institute was a single campus, however it has now expanded into four separate campuses: the elementary school, middle school, high school, and university. The elementary, middle, and university campuses are newly-constructed buildings in the downtown area south of the high school campus, which remains in the secluded area where the academy was first built.
The Alatus Institute The elementary school campus offers a general curriculum, but it is taught at an excelled pace, preparing its student for the advanced courses in the middle school. In high school, students begin their training in the specialized areas of weapons, magic, summoning, and technology, alongside university-level courses in general education. If students choose to attend the university after their high school graduation, they are able to choose from a wide selection of degrees, many of which utilize the specialized teachings from their high school curriculum by applying them to real-world situations.
Students who attend the Alatus Institute start from the elementary level, escalating up to their graduation from the high school, although occasionally the school also accepts transfer students at the beginning of their middle school or high school career. Very rarely does a student transfer during the middle of any of these three stages.
The university is open to all students, although admissions usually favor students who were previously enrolled in the Institute.
All campuses of the Alatus Institute have nearby dormitories with both single and double accommodations.

Single Dorm Layout
Cardinal Classes

The primary teachings of the Alatus Institute of Higher Academics comprises of four Cardinal Classes:

Rather than using their skills in warfare, Weapons students are regarded as athletes, participating in competitions both within the school against fellow Alatus students, and also outside of the Alatus Institute in national contests. The Weapons student relies on their physical strength in their training. The teachings at the Alatus Institute offer six primary choices to its students:

Swords All-around close-combat weapon.
Lances Close-combat weapon with a longer range than the sword; can be thrown as a long-range weapon.
Axes Heavier and less accurate than a sword, but with potential to cause higher damage.
Archery Bow and arrow; traditional long-range weapon.
Knives Light-weight, close-combat weapon; can be thrown as a long-range weapon.
Gloves Close, hand-to-hand combat weapon.

Students can also elect to train in weapons outside of the main spectrum so long as there is a faculty member qualified to give them lessons in their weapon of choice.

Magic is conjured by opening the Gate to one's soul and releasing the raw element of one's emotions into the physical plane. The level of Magic a student can conjure is based on their emotional strength; how well they are able to control their Gate. It is divided into four elements:





The element that sits in the counterclockwise position of another element on the Magic Circle is strong versus that element; for example, Water is strong versus Fire, but weak versus Earth. Elements across from one another on the Magic Circle are complementary and can be combined to form fusion spells.

Summoning is the act of focusing intangible forces into an object--a vessel--and giving these forces a physical form. The strength of the summoning spell is based on the spiritual strength of the summoner. It is classified under two main categories at the Alatus Institute:

Aura Summoning
Summoning from external forces; from nature. The beings conjured up by Aura summoning are known as Sprites. The element of the Sprite conjured is dependent on the vessel used; a pebble for an Earth Sprite, a dewdrop for a Water Sprite, etc. The most basic Sprites to conjure are Wind Sprites.
Spirit Summoning
Summoning from internal forces; from emotions. The physical manifestation of emotions is known as the summoner's Animus. Towards the beginning of an Alatus student's high school career, they need to decide on an emotion to hone and present their successfully-summoned Animus to the Summoning Council for approval by a specified deadline.

* Additionally, there are other forms of summoning that are forbidden from being taught at the Alatus Institute.

Technology involves the study and use of machinery and computers for both combat and practical applications. Students who have greater mental capacity excel in this field. Technology is divided into two primary classes:

Software students are skilled problem-solvers, learning within a wide breadth of concentrations such communication systems, intelligent systems, and databases. In addition, they are also taught to a degree the art of hacking.
Hardware students choose their concentrations from the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering and develop a deep understanding of the construction of machinery as they progress through their academic career.
Many students opt to take classes in both software and hardware, making mechanical creations that function based on a programmed algorithm. A popular topic in the Hybrid field is that of Robotics.

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